It is our goal to create an instructional environment that communicates challenging and fun learning expectations to the students while utilizing and modifying instructional strategies, learning standards, resources, and technologies to meet our student's developmental needs. We create a safe, psychological and physical environment conducive to our student's learning. Our staff is trained to accept children for who they are and recognize that at all times children should feel valued, secure and respected.


4 Keystone Star Rating

Touching the Future, LLC has acquired Pennsylvania's highest rating in their early education programs. This includes requirements in teacher's qualifications, continued education for teachers, assessments of students twice a year, learning based curriculum, and partnering with family and community for the best early education for all children.

Meet Our Teachers

Our staff all have their teaching certifications, which is why we have received Pennsylvania's highest star rating, 4 Keystone stars.

Dr. Anita Mullen

Dr. Anita Mullen


Founder of Touching the Future

Sue Elia

Mrs. Elia

Assistant Director

Busy Bees

Kirsten Albu

Mrs. Albu

Assistant Director

Forest Friends

Carol Urbina

Ms. Carol

Beautiful Butterflies

Rachel Barton

Ms. Rachel

Beautiful Butterflies

Nicole Wetzeo

Ms. Nicole

Jumping Jungle

Samara Montalvo

Ms. Samara

Funky Frogs

Crystal Blackmon

Mrs. Blackmon

Marvelous Monkeys

Sandy Stewart

Ms. Sandy

Marvelous Monkeys

Carrie Brown

Mrs. Brown

Talented Toucans

Kayla Mullen

Ms. Mullen

Talented Toucans

Elsa Feinglass

Mrs. Feinglass

Friendly Fish

Kayla Angstadt

Mrs. Angstadt

Friendly Fish

Betsy Johnson

Mrs. Johnson

Busy Bees

Maggie Guthier

Mrs. Guthier

Playful Puppies

Jaymi Moss

Ms. Jaymi

Playful Puppies

Cleo Cordero

Mrs. Cordero

Terrific Turtles

Tracy Marko

Mrs. Marko

Terrific Turtles

Michelle Tirado

Mrs. T

Forest Friends

Margie Barto

Mrs. Barto

Break Relief

Heather George

Ms. George


Daryl Mullen NEW

Mr. Daryl

Food Service

Zac Angstadt NEW

Mr. Zac

Food Service/Office Help

Angie Bankes

Ms. Angie

Classroom Support